How much is too much?

Based on the available scientific analysis and different references from other public health authorities, the acceptable range of low-risk moderate consumption is established by the following guideline figures.

Guidelines for low-risk moderate consumption:

  • Up to 2 units per day for women;
  • Up to 3 units per day for men.
  • Never more than 4 units on a single occasion.

Alcohol consumption: in medical terms*

1 unit representing 10g of pure alcohol is equal to:

  • 100ml (96ml) of 13%vol wine.
  • 100ml (104ml) of 12%vol sparkling wine.  
  • 60ml (62.5ml) of 20%vol liqueur wine.
  • 85ml (83.5ml) of 15%vol aromatised wine

(*) These terms indicate the average amount of pure alcohol present in the most common units of consumption, although the volumes served and the guidelines of consumption vary from country to country.

Those in doubt, or with other questions related to consumption habits and health, should always consult a doctor.