The Quality System developed by Sogrape Vinhos encompasses the entire business and complies with the high and demanding standards particular to the agri-food sector.
Thus, Sogrape is not only certified in line with regulation ISO 9001:2000 of the Quality Management System, but also by the strict standards set by “BRC - British Retail Consortium - the global reference for safe food”, the IFS - International Food Standard - set for food products sold by retailers and wholesalers, and by Environmental Management System regulation ISO14001:2004.
Among others, the company also complies with EC regulation nº 178/2002 - Principles and general rules of food legislation, along with 852/2004 - Hygiene in Foodstuffs (HACCP).

Sogrape Vinhos' Quality System is a strategic tool used to develop processes of constant improvement and innovation, which utilizes technical support and appropriately qualified human resources.

Quality control operations are present at every stage of production, from receiving the grapes used to make the wines through to the packaging and shipping of the final product.

Special attention is also given to the information and educational material provided to clients and consumers regarding the specific characteristics of each product.


Bottle storage Cuts from broken bottles Avoid bottles colliding
Injuries caused by bottles exploding Avoid high storage temperatures (>30°C)
Opening bottles Cuts caused by sharp capsule edges Do not open, or open with the assistance of a cloth/glove, sealed bottles with damaged screw-caps
Cuts caused by broken bottlenecks Use an adequate bottle opener
Do not use a bottle opener for sparkling wines
Always cover the bottle with a cloth when it is difficult to open
Injuries caused by bottles exploding Do not use an Air Pressure bottle opener when opening sparkling wine
Do not heat closed bottles in microwaves
Do not put closed bottles near heat sources
Injury caused by unexpected exit of bottle stopper Do not position yourself in front of the bottle or point the bottle at other persons and/or breakable objects when opening a sparkling wine
Consumption* Impaired motor skills caused by heavy consumption Moderate consumption
Reactions caused by consumption while on medication Follow the recommendations prescribed by a doctor and/or medical booklet
Hepatic, neurological or psychological changes in at-risk consumers Avoid consumption by children, adolescents or adults with neurological, psychological or hepatic conditions
Disposing of packaging Injuries caused by broken bottles Dispose of empty bottles appropriately (bottlebanks)
* Expected use of wine – As a simple drink, ready to enjoy once opened, mixed in cocktails, used in cooking or as an ingredient in food products