Dedicated Compliance

Sogrape Vinhos has complied and fully committed to the obligations issued by the European Union's Wine Sector, as well as the 'Wine in Moderation' project, strictly adhering to these in their approach to the "Social Aspects of Alcohol", one of the four axes of the company's programme of social responsibility.

In terms of external actions, aside from the inclusion of a legible "Be responsible. Drink in moderation" message and the logotype of the “Wine in Moderation” project in all communication with the consumer, reference should be made to the edition and expanded distribution of a small brochure entitled “The Healthy Consumption of Wine” and the dissemination of advice and guidelines regarding responsible consumption.

In terms of internal actions, the efforts in training the company's collaborators regarding the risks and benefits of the moderate consumption of alcohol should be noted, but the main highlight has been the creation and implementation of an internal "Alcohol in the Workplace" code of conduct, the disregard of which would bring sanctions for those concerned.